• IoT portal LORATECH

    We developed smart application for monitoring LORAWAN devices. Powerfull API is also available for easy integration with customer platform or city portal.
  • LORATECH Outdoor Gateway

    is an outdoor gateway for professional IoT network building on LoRaWAN - 868Mhz technology. 4G version with LTE modem is also available. With this kind of GWs you can build your IoT network in hours.
  • A smart municipality, town or school can be all around us.

    Optimization of collection of waste containers, smart parking, monitoring of air quality in schools or monitoring of water flow in your municipality. With LORATECH you can handle more.

Basic building stones

advantages that other technology will not offer
Gateway data collector

Gateway is a basic element of the LORATECH network and is analogous to the mobile operators transmitters. Each point allows you to connect up to tens of thousands of things. Through the gateway the data is encrypted and communication is secure. One gateway is able to cover the surrounding area with a radius of about 10km, or 2-3km in the urban area. To launch the LORATECH gateway you only need a suitable place, 230V power supply and any internet connection. GW will take care of everything else.

Node a thing connected to the IoT

The Node in the Internet of Things is an end device that needs to be connected to a battery or electrical network and be registered in the LORATECH web application to obtain the data. Node can be represented by e.g. a parking sensor, temperature sensor, water level sensor, electricity meter reader / gas meter reader / hydrometer reader, etc. RVTech s.r.o. manufactures its own sensors with minimal power consumption that will last (by battery) on the LoRa network for up to several years.

Application connection with the world of people

LORATECH Application is a new web service that allows the individual users to add gateways and devices after registration. Using of standard connectors (REST-API, callback, MQTT) allows the things to communicate with the internet we all are used to. The application includes a simple visualization and data editing - rounding, transferring to another numerical system, add the units. Various notifications can be set up.

We help you to create a smart network where you need it

Our team can provide you with the necessary hardware and software to build your own smart network. In case of your interest, we will ensure the professional installation of all necessary technologies, subsequent management and maintenance. The way your smart municipality, town or school will be developed is in your hands. Imagination has no boundaries. Inspiration can be drawn on our blog.

Team of people who are at your disposal

you can handle it with us

Ing. Radek Vozák


tel: +420 702 123 170
email: vozak@rvtech.cz

Ing. et Ing. Petr Kašpar, Ph.D.


tel: +420 775 785 001
email: kaspar@plzenec.net

Ing. Jan Bělohuobek

- HW,FW developer

tel: +420 702 123 173
email: info@rvtech.cz

Aleš Glänzner


tel: +420 608 716 139
email: glanzner@ag-servis.eu

Ing. Tomáš Pokorný, Ph.D.

HW assembly, technical support

tel: +420 775 785 026
email: pokorny@plzenec.net

Bc. Ondřej Růžička

HW, PCB developer

tel: +420 702 123 173
email: info@rvtech.cz

Bc. Iveta Babjáková


tel: +420 702 123 173
email: info@rvtech.cz

You want to become a member of

RVTech team

send your CV to info@rvtech.cz


what is happening in LORATECH lately
16 Nov. 2018


What is LoRaTech COMBO node?

The LORATECH COMBO node is a scanning and remote measurement platform supplied by RVTech s.r.o. It is an expansion board for the KETCube platform for industrial use. It can be ordered in many design versions (power supply, box, fu[...]

12 Sep. 2018

LORATECH Callbacks

We added the callback functionality. For the data received from each node, it is now possible to set the PUT, POST, GET methods and automatically route the data to your web server. There is a history of callbacks available, including the information whether t[...]

1 EUR/monthly

End user

Web application

100 historical values

Parsing tables

Basic charts

40 EUR/monthly

MQTT broker

REST-API application

Encrypted connection

100 sensors, 5 GW

Technical support

240 EUR/monthly

Installation on your own VPS, DB

User management, registration

Bank API, billing

Up to 5000 sensors, 20 GW


Online Gateways
Connected devices
Smart municipalities

What do LoRa users say?

let us know about your experiences and help us to improve our services.
  • Delivery of 3 LORATECH GWs and establish of virtual IoT operator

    TANET s.r.o.

    Delivery of 3 LORATECH GWs and establish of virtual IoT operator

  • Supply of IoT network and instalation

    City Tabor

    Delivery of IoT network and instalation

  • For a modern developer project of Stafin a.s. we have produced combined units for water and gas readings. At the same time, we are also going to measure electricity in a new building, and pass the data to all the new tenants as a web application.

    Stafin a.s.

    Energy readings (water, gas, elektricity) for the development project

  • We are currently implementing a network with two gateways for the industrial area near Pilsen in Dysina. We have installed dozens of gauges and designed an application for data processing, invoicing and reporting.

    I.P.P.E s.r.o.

    Delivery of IoT networks and measurements of water, gas, elektricity

  • We have supplied an outdoor GW for SPSE Pilsen, and connected it to the LORATECH network. The delivery included 10 LoRaWAN kits for Arduino and one LoRa tester for signal measurement. A dust gauge (PM10 and PM2.5) is also installed in the vicinity of the school now.

    SPŠE Plzeň

    Delivery of IoT networks and educational sets

  • Our team has manufactured and supplied 5 complete GWs for TC Pisek, including antennas and wiring to cover the city of Pisek by its own IoT network. The GWs are operating together with a private network server.

    TC Písek

    Delivery of LoRaWAN GW´s

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